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Multiparc de Dagneux

Dagneux (01)

A park offering large industrial spaces

This park, visible from the A42 motorway, today comprises four 2,000 m² and 5,000 m² Proudreed Mby buildings made up of large-sized industrial units optimized for accommodating all vehicles, especially trucks which have optimum turning space.
A turnkey building built on 4,200 m² of land

20 minutes north east of Lyon and adjacent to the A 42 motorway, the 4,200 m² plot remaining on this park allows us to offer a turnkey building to a company seeking a bespoke solution.
Non-contractual pictures

Key figures

Surface area
5 ha

Launch date

Type of development
Partnership with local authorities
Developed area
17,500 m2 on completion

Number of lots

Project duration
6 years
Turnkey solutions
Available on 4,200 m² of land

Number of jobs
Over 150

Travel time

In the immediate proximity of the A 42 motorway
10 minutes from the A43 motorway
20 minutes from Lyon
10 minutes from Lyon Saint Exupéry airport